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The Steam Shoppe - Kiwi Punch

The Steam Shoppe - Kiwi Punch

The Steam Shoppe

  • $1399

The best possible e-liquid representation of Kiwi.  It’s all-encompassing flavor includes the sweet, juicy meat of a ripe kiwi, the fresh, tangy skin, and even the unique taste of kiwi seed. Kiwi E-Juice is a light fruit flavor with a splash of sweetness. You’ll taste the tanginess of the kiwi that’s calmed with a lush sugary flavor. With a mellow fruity taste, kiwi is a great all day vape. It’s flavor is diverse, but the words tangy and sweet always come to mind. Maybe a tiny bit of citrus as well. from your favorite vaporizer shop, the steam shoppe! Value priced quality e-juice.